Paper Garlands

Garlands are great to decorate a smash the cake, any nursery or decor. The cheapest and easiest way are paper garlands! Here are some inspirations!

Sewn Circles Garland


Very easy to make if you have a sewing machine. All you need is paper, circle punch and a sewing machine. See the tutorial from Frog Prince Papetrie. Try other shapes, mix colors and try other kind of paper like news paper or old book papers!

Stars Garland


So cute and easy to make! All you need is paper, star punch, thread and a needle! See the tutorial from Asshole with a blog. You can do the same things with other punch shapes like heart and circle.

If you don’t want to use a needle, you can use a punch to create tiny hole. If your shape is  bigger like the standard triangle garland we know, you can create two holes.

3D Circles Garland


For this one, you need paper, double face tape or glue, ribbon and a punch. See the tutorial from Project Nursery. Like the others, you can try with different punch shape!

Cones Garland


Vertical cones garland! All you need is paper, scissors, stapler and thread. See the tutorial from Oh Happy Day.

Birthday Candles Garland


So creative for a birthday! What you need: paper, tape, scissors, pencil, needle and thread. See the tutorial from Julep.

Washi Tape Garland


Washi tape are very popular and now easier to find in any craft store. Just fold them on a thread and cut a small triangle!. Source Poppy Talk.

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